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Jane Place Lower ~ no longer extant

Jane Place is gone now! If you have any memories of it, I’d love to hear them.

Granny’s relatives were amongst the first residents of Jane Place and lived there for over one hundred years. Her Aunt Kate was born there in 1864. Jane Place Upper and Jane Place Lower were two parallel streets running off Oriel Street, in Seville Place, Dublin, just behind Connolly Station. It seems the area was originally built in the 1850s.[1]  It has been knocked down in recent years, as part of the city rejuvenation and the development of  Dublin’s Financial Services District.  You can see the location of the two streets on this ordnance survey map, in the upper right-hand quarter.
Jane Place Upper and Jane Place Lower, Oriel Street, Dublin.

There were thirty-one terraced, single-storey cottages in Jane Place Lower and twenty-six in Jane Place Upper.[2] I read somewhere once that the street numbers ran 1, 2, 3… consecutively along one side of the street and then continued back down the other side, so that number 1 was across the road from number 31, etc. 

Can anyone place ‘3 Jane Place Lower’ on the map?

I do have some very vague memories of the little cottages, as a family friend once brought me to visit relatives there.  However, Jane Place was in the inner-city and coming rural county Dublin, it was all very alien to my seven-year-old eyes.  I certainly didn’t have any sense of coming home. I half remember a plot of ground, all boarded up - ‘That was your shop’, my friend said, pointing to it.  ‘Your Granny’s shop’, she added.  I also remember that the living room in my relative’s cottage was very tiny, so it truly must have been small.

Can anyone place Granny’s shop on this map? Was it attached to ‘3 Jane Place Lower’?

Did you know? - not only did Granny’s parents run a grocery shop in Jane Place, but her paternal grandmother had one too and her great-grandmother – though theirs may have been in Lower Oriel Street. 

[1] The first baptism listed on showing this address is dated August 1858.
[2] 1901 Census of Ireland, North Dock, Dublin.

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  1. Dara, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I followed your trail back to your own blog and love it! Thanks so much for connecting!

  2. Hi there,
    My great Grandfather Michael Gray and Grandmother Theresa Gray (nee Simpson)and there children lived at 24 Jane Place upper according to the 1901 census.
    I was wondering if you had any photos available of the houses in this street.

  3. Hi Paul, I do have a picture of the cottages, it's probably of Lower Jane Place. The photo is still within copyright, so I cannot publish here, but send me your email address and I'll dig it out for you.

  4. Hi - I'm thinking our people would have known one another. My great great grandmother (a Kavanagh) lived in Jane place lr at the time of her marriage. All her children were born in Jane place as well.

  5. Hi, they surely would have known each other - my Great-grandfather was born there in 1874 - they must have played together as children. I checked if one of the Kavanaghs had married into my family (I had a large extended family in Jane Place), but didn't find a connection. What was your GG-grandfather's name?

  6. 3 Jane Place is the corner dwelling on your left as you turn into thr access road from lower Jane place into upper Jane place. My family lived in 22 Lower Oriel st for over 70 years, left in 1955.

    1. Thank you, much appreciated. My GGG-grandmother McGrane lived at 24 Lower Oriel Street for twenty years, until her death in 1903.

  7. As turn right in to Lower Jane Place from Lr Oriel St, on the first right turn the house on your left is # 3 Lower Jane place, it was a shop and dwelling. To my knowledge and slightly wonky memory one of the owners was not a Dubliner. My family lived in 22 Lower Oriel for over 60 years, we left in 1955.

  8. Thanks Patrick, Yes, #3 was ours. All my family were Dubs for many generations by then, so I'm not sure who you're remembering. Granny's family all lived in or around Jane Place since the 1860s. My Grandda spent about five years in England as a child - perhaps you picked up on this?

  9. Sorry, the corner house on your left as you enter Lower Jane place is #@# Lr Oriel St, the Healys lived there. As you contine into Jane place Lower the next corner house housed the O'Rourkes ( They had relatives O'rourkes who lived in 19 Lr Oriel st. As you turned right to enter into Upper Jane Place , immediately on your left the first was a cottage, which later (1949/51?) became a family shop. opposite this shop and looking across Lower Jane place was all waste ground right up to canning place. ( This was so in my living memory from 1937 to 1955, when we left Oriel st for good.) The fayes and whalens cottages were next to the shop.The Brennans were on the opposite corner.
    I went back to visit and to look over the old neighbourhood for the first time in 2001, to find it all gone!!

  10. The great Irish Patriot Daniel Breen lived at the top of the dogs leg in Upper Oriel st at my time. he died there also!!!

  11. Thank you for your comments Patrick, very interesting. I believe the Germans bombed the area during WWII, which became the waste ground you referred to. My mother lived in Jane place, during the same time you lived in Oriel St. I'll ask if she remembers you.

  12. I lived in upper Jane Place from 1948 ,to was a great place to grow up in and safe for.US children.I went to St.Laurence O'Tooled School.Miss Lynch was the.headmistress.of the junior school


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