Saturday, 26 October 2013

Terrazzo Byrne!

My great grandfather Michael Christopher Byrne was born about 1865 and died on 22 December 1927.[1] He worked as a labourer in rural Malahide, Co. Dublin.   According to my Dad, Michael’s nickname was ‘Terrazzo’. He first earned this nickname when he was working as a general labourer with two foreign tradesmen, who were laying a new floor in Hogan’s Pub and Grocery on Main Street, Malahide, probably where the Credit Union is now.   They were laying a Terrazzo floor, which was a type of flooring that none of the locals had even seen or heard of before. They asked Michael what it was and when he told them it was called Terrazzo, they started calling him Terrazzo. The name stuck.
Michael (Terrazzo) Byrne (c.1865-1927), Malahide.

[1] General Register Office, copy death register.

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