Saturday, 9 September 2017

DNA Diary: Is it a Wynne match? #2

shared surname and place of origin makes for a great start, with any new DNA match. But, it could be a coincidence. That was my concern when commencing the investigation into our match with ‘Cousin B’, from Australia.  We both share Wynne as an ancestral surname and we both trace their origins back to Dublin city, in the 1820s. But, that does not ‘prove’ we’re related through our Wynne lines. 

Fortunately, several known descendants of my great-great-grandfather, John Wynne, have already taken a DNA test. There is Mam and her brother Colm, from Dublin, their first cousin Larry, born in the U.K., as well as their 2C1R (second cousins once removed), Phyllis and her sister G, from America. Cousin B confirmed her 2C and her 3C1R, both from Australia, have tested too.

I'm no scientist, but my understanding is, if we can identify a specific segment of DNA, common in both my extended Wynne family and in Cousin B’s, we must have inherited that segment from the same ancestor. We still might not ever find out their name, but we’d know for sure they were related, somehow, to John Wynne, or maybe to his wife, Bridget Hynes.

Unfortunately, we all used different DNA testing companies, making it difficult to see who matches who. Then Larry and Cousin B agreed to join GEDmatch, a free DNA database, where we confirmed they match each other. They both share a segment of DNA with my mother, thus eliminating all Mam’s maternal ancestors from this equation, and enabling us concentrate solely on her paternal line. 

Ideally, we need everyone else to join GEDmatch too. Nevertheless, the preliminary results do look promising.

Phyllis and I have been working together and identified numerous matches between our Wynne family and the Australian Wynnes:

a) Mam and Cousin B are said to be between third and fifth cousins;
b) Likewise, for Larry and Cousin B, although they share less DNA;
c) Phyllis and M are also estimated as being between third and fifth cousins;
d) Phyllis and L have a more distant match - between fifth and eight cousins;
e) Larry and L are related, being a 'shared match' of Phyllis and L, though the extent of their relationship is, as yet, not known. 

This is not exactly the 'proof' we were looking for. But, while we’re waiting for everyone to join GEDmatch, it’s encouraging to see the number of ‘coincidences’ mounting up.

It’s a good sign, right?

Continued, here.

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  1. This is fascinating and I am trying to figure out where we fit in! Glad you are doing this research!

  2. Hi Holly, I'm still not sure if or exactly how our Wynnes relate to this branch in Australia - if this is where our connection occurs, it is probably a generation or three before our John Wynne/Bridget Hynes.

  3. Yes, from what I've read of your research, there does not seem to be anything decisive, yet. Thanks for your efforts !


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