Sunday, 11 August 2019

Sunday Pictorial ~ Malahide Hockey Team c.1954-55

Malahide Hockey Team c. 1954-55
Back row: Joe Connolly, Henry O’Shea, John Gilmartin, David McSwiggan, Conor McMahon, Nicky Thompson. Front row: Richard (Dick) Thompson, Mick Byrne (my Dad), Brian Kearns, Conor Dignam, Jim Thompson.

According to my Dad, the Hockey Team practiced in the Cricket field, at Malahide Castle. 

Here's the picture 'colourised' via a free online service. They attempt to generate a plausible, although not necessarily accurate, representation of any black and white photograph. Maybe the boys look a bit off colour (it probably wasn't designed with our pale Irish skin in mind) but I like it. 

If anyone knows any stories about the hockey team, I'd love to hear them.

See ColouriseSG, as mentioned recently on DNAeXplained.


  1. Jim Thompson is my uncle and Dick + Nick his cousins. Don't really know anything about his cricket playing days as I was born in 1965.I only knew him as an avid tennis player.

    1. My Dad also played tennis in Malahide, before he married.

  2. Definitely didn't know he played hockey

  3. What a great photo of your Dad, Dara!

  4. Yeah, it's great, and he looks just like my brother and my nephew here. Thanks Ellie.


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