Sunday, 23 February 2020

Signature Silhouette #2 ~Teresa (Carroll) Wynne

For many of my ancestors, we have no photographs, no treasured heirlooms, not even a funeral card to remember them by. But of those who could read and write, a few left their signatures behind. They often signed historical census returns, for example, copies of which still survive. Apart from descendants, their signature may be all that remains of them today. So, it's my intention to feature a Signature Silhouette for one ancestor, each week, until they are all are preserved.

Here's one for my maternal great-grandmother, Teresa (Carroll) Wynne:-

Teresa Carroll Wynne (1888-1958)

Sadly, I've no document containing the signature of Teresa's husband, my great-grandfather, Patrick James Wynne (1868-1937). He died intestate, so did not leave a signature on a will. He still lived with his father in 1901 and was a lodger in Cork in 1911, so didn't sign either census as head of a household. I can't think where else I may find his signature now.

If any of my cousins have a document with his signature, I'd be truly grateful to see a copy of it. 🙏

Idea courtesy of Cathy Meder-Dempsey at Opening Doors in Brick Walls.

Source of signature: Last will and testament, Teresa Wynne, Newcastle Upon Tyne, dated 1 May 1958.


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  1. What a beautiful signature. I love her W!

  2. It's pretty fancy all right Cathy, thanks.

  3. Great idea, and a lovely signature!

  4. I am very taken with this idea and hope to try doing, as I have signatures from 1786, 1821 and 1833 from wills and marriage bonds of my ancestors.

  5. Very nicely done! Hope to try this with some of my ancestors.

  6. This is a great idea. I have collected signatures also, but haven't found a way to share them yet.


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