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Seeking descendants of John Keogh and Mary Brien

Continuing my first genealogy mission of this year, to seek out the descendants of my third-great-grandparents Jeremiah Keogh and Jane Crosby, this post concentrates on their son John. The goal, at least in part, is to identify his descendants among my mother’s DNA matches. Previous posts focused on their sons Thomas and Martin.

John Keogh married Mary Brien in St Laurence O'Toole's church, Dublin City, on 26 February 1869. John worked as a carpenter, unlike his father and brothers who were bricklayers or stone masons.

When he was 58 years old, on 15 September 1902, John Keogh of 4 Upper Ormond Place died in the Infirmary, at the North Dublin Union Workhouse. He had caught 'pneumonia after drink' and spent his last three days and sixteen hours in the hospital. It seems John may have been an alcoholic. But if he was, unusually for this era, he seemingly didn't fall foul of the law. No record of him is apparent in the Irish Prison Registers.

The couple's known children were:
  • Patrick Keogh born 16 Mar 1869 at 15 Church Avenue, Dublin,
  • Jane Keogh born 26 Jun 1870 at 5 Whitworth Row, Dublin,
  • John Keogh born 4 May 1872 at 1 Faithful Place, Dublin, *
  • Michael Keogh born 29 May 1879 at 68 Mabbot Street, Dublin,
  • Thomas Keogh born 3 May 1881 at 16 Shoe Lane, Dublin,
  • Elizabeth Keogh born 31 July 1882 at the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin,
  • Jeremiah Keogh born 28 Jul 1883 at the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin.
* There's currently no obvious explanation for the gap in births between 1873 and 1878.

So far, I've only traced forward Jane, John, Michael and baby Elizabeth, who died aged only two months.

Jane Keogh married John Stapleton in St Laurence O'Toole's church on 29 January 1893 and had three children Jane, Margaret and Patrick, born 1896, 1897 and 1899. Her first husband died in 1906 and in 1912, she married William Wright. When Jane herself died in Dublin in 1942, she was survived by only one brother (presumably Michael), her son and daughter-in-law, her daughters and grandchildren. None of Jane's descendants are yet apparent among our genetic cousins.

Michael Keogh, a labourer, married Mary Farrell in St Mary's Pro-Cathedral, Dublin City on 29 August 1909 and had children Mary in 1910, Margaret in 1912, Elizabeth in 1915, Jane in 1917, Julia in 1919 and probably more born after 1919 when our 100 year privacy cut-off rule currently kicks in. Baby Jane died in 1918. Julia married Pearse Pettigrew in Dublin in 1937 and later John Mooney in 1950. Mary married John Byrne in Dublin in 1929. When Mary died in 1973, she was survived by a brother (presumably one born after 1919) and sister, sons, daughters, grandchildren and even a great-grandchild. Yet, none of Michael's descendants are obvious among our DNA matches.

But, I hit the jackpot with John Keogh (junior)! He worked as a labourer, and married Mary Meehan in St Michan's church, Dublin city, on 23 July 1899. They had two unnamed daughters born in 1900 and 1903, a son Philip born in 1909, followed by John in 1912, Elizabeth in 1915 and Mary Josephine in 1917. It was Elizabeth and her husband Thomas Mullen who appeared as the maternal grandparents for one of my mother's matches on the DNA website MyHeritage.

Recently, this cousin's mother also joined the MyHeritage database. Mam shares 56cM DNA with her, while Uncle Colm shares 93cM, and their maternal first cousin shares 65cM. This falls well within the expected parameters for third cousins.

So, we have a DNA connection with the descendants of two my third great-grandparent's children -i.e. via their son Thomas, who I wrote about here, and their son John. This provides a scientific link, as well as a documented link, to my third great-grandparents.💛

If you are related to anyone mentioned here, have any further questions, or have additional information about this family, please contact me at Blackraven.genealogy(at)gmail(dot)com.

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