Monday 5 April 2021

A to Z April Challenge: D is for John Devine

Genealogists always want to know where their ancestors are buried. It’s not just to see what else they might learn from their gravesites. It’s more than that. It’s a need to connect with them, to know they’re ‘at peace’. Many countless hours are spent seeking out their final resting places, so, to help ensure they're not forgotten again, I'm creating a virtual graveyard, incorporating a memorial for each ancestor. D is for Devine - John Devine, my maternal great-great-grandfather.

John Devine
Birth: Abt. 1838

Death:  9 March 1898 (aged about 60 years)
31 Lower Jane Place, Dublin, Ireland
Burial:     11 March 1898
Glasnevin Cemetery

Finglas Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 11, Ireland
Plot: Garden Section, WE 77½


There is no surviving grave marker on grave WE 77½, in the Garden Section of Glasnevin Cemetery.

Funeral notice:
Freeman's Journal, 10 March 1898, p.1
DEVINE-March 9, 1898, at his residence, 31 Jane Place, after a tedious illness, John Devine, fortified by the rites of Holy Church. Funeral will leave above address at 10.30 o'clock on to-morrow (Friday) morning for Glasnevin. London papers please copy.

Burial register:
Date of interment: 11 March 1898
Sexton's Number:278989
Registrar's Number:279749
Name: John Devine
Age: 60 years
Residence: 31 Lower Jane Place, Dublin
Mark of grave: WE 77½
Date of death: 9 March 1898
Sex: Male
Religious persuasion Catholic
Rank or Occupation Labourer
Condition: Widower
Alleged disease or cause of death: Bronchitis
Name and residence of informant: Kate Devine, 31 Lower Jane Place, Dublin
Date of issuing order for interment: 10 March 1898
Source: Dublin Cemeteries Trust

John Devine shares his grave with his wife Mary Anne and his daughters Anne and Catherine. John was buried with a number of strangers too - Sarah Anne Lambe who died in 1903, Kate Maria Jardine who died in 1881, James Murphy who died in 1872, Patrick Downey who died in 1845 and Letitia E Cass who died in 1842.

Links to memorials of immediate family members:
Spouse: Mary Anne (Keogh) Devine (1834-1893, m. 1859)
Daughter:     Catherine (Devine) McGrane (1864-1917)
Daughter: Christina (Devine) Byrne (1867-1947)

My intention is to create a virtual graveyard with a memorial for each ancestor. The category 'Theme: Virtual Graveyard', seen on the right, is the graveyard gate. Clicking here, you enter my graveyard. You can visit each grave, irrespective of where in the world they are physically located.

Links for my direct ancestors above are, or will be, to their memorial in the 'virtual graveyard' at Black Raven Genealogy. Links for members of their immediate family are to a memorial at Find A Grave, if one has been created. Find A Grave is an online collection of gravesites and memorials from around the world.

The 'A to Z April Challenge' - 26 blog posts, in 26 days, with 26 letters of the alphabet, and one post dedicated to each letter.


  1. It's so interesting how they used to describe cause of death in the past - I especially like this one, a tedious illness.

    1. Yes, and they usually add a few words about it being endured with 'staunch dignity' the absence of which might be telling us something too.

  2. You have gathered much important and interesting information for future generations to appreciate. I attempted to find the graves of ancestors in Belgium to no avail. Expect similar results if I visit Ireland in 2023.
    D is for Death's Door

    1. It can be very difficult without the grave coordinates, you should investigate where the burial registers are held first and try to access them.

  3. I can’t help thinking about a tedious illness. This is a great database you’re creating Dara

  4. Wow, you have a lot of family members resting in Glasnevin Dara.

    1. I do Jill, it was the main graveyard or Catholics in Dublin city, and many of my ancestors were there by the mid 19th Century.

  5. I thought when they said a tedious illness it would be something more dramatic but obviously not. I wonder who was in London that they were copying to the London papers?

    1. I think it was Pauleen, his death certificate said he sufferred from cardiac disease for 2 years, and 'Dropsey' in the last 3 months, and I'd also love to know who was in London !!! none of his children, as far as I know.

  6. I did notice Letitia Cass...a shame my other half’s Cass family were from England.

  7. Ha! she must have been related Pauleen.


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