Thursday, 22 April 2021

A to Z April Challenge: S is for Anne (Sarsfield) Radcliffe

Genealogists always want to know where their ancestors are buried. It’s not just to see what else they might learn from their gravesites. It’s more than that. It’s a need to connect with them, to know they’re ‘at peace’. Many countless hours are spent seeking out their final resting place, so to help ensure they're not forgotten again, I'm creating a virtual graveyard, incorporating a memorial for each one. S is for Sarsfield - Anne (Sarsfield) Radcliffe, my maternal fourth-great-grandmother.

Anne (Sarsfield) Radcliffe
Birth: Abt. 1799

Death:   18 December 1866 (aged 67 years)

Yellow Walls, Malahide, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Burial: December 1866
Abbey Graveyard

Malahide Castle, Malahide, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Plot: See below - X marks the spot
Link to: Memorial at Find A Grave

In 1996, Michael Egan visited this grave and published a volume of the Memorials of the Dead, transcribing the memorials on the headstones in the Abbey Graveyard, Malahide. His transcription of the Radcliffe headstone reads:
‘IHS | Erected | by | Peter Radcliffe | of Malahide | in memory of his beloved wife | Anne, who departed this life | Decr 18th 1866 | Aged 67 years.’
Egan also describes the condition of the headstone in the mid-1990s, as:
made of limestone with a granite base, in good condition, but lying on its face. At the top, above the inscription, there was a Maltese cross on the IHS, with a ‘large sunburst’.
Map of Graveyard - X marks the Radcliffe Grave:
Adapted excerpt - Michael Egan, Memorials of the Dead,
showing Radcliffe Gravesite

Links to memorials of immediate family members:
Spouse:  Peter Radcliffe (1798-1887), m. 1825)
Son: John Radcliffe (1827-1866)
Son: Thomas Radcliffe (1829-1905)
Son:Peter Radcliffe (1833-1891)
Son: Joseph Radcliffe (1835-1918)
Son: Christopher Radcliffe (1844-1872)

My intention is to create a virtual graveyard with a memorial for each of my ancestors. The category 'Theme: Virtual Graveyard', seen on the right, is the graveyard gate. Clicking here, you enter my graveyard. You can visit each grave, irrespective of where in the world they are physically located.

Links for my direct ancestors above are, or will be, to their memorial in the 'virtual graveyard' at Black Raven Genealogy. Links for members of their immediate family are to a memorial at Find A Grave, if one has been created. Find A Grave is an online collection of gravesites and memorials from around the world.

The 'A to Z April Challenge' - 26 blog posts, in 26 days, with 26 letters of the alphabet, and one post dedicated to each letter.


  1. Ooh well I got a bit excited looking at your post. One of my husband's ancestors is called Martha Sarsfield Donovan so now I'm thinking there may be a bit of Irish heritage there. She was from Barbados originally from memory but I've been trying to work out how they got to Barbados i.e. where from. Maybe Ireland. I love the hand drawn diagram/map. So useful.

    1. Presumably she did originate in Ireland Alex, Sarsfield is an Anglo-Norman name first appearing in Ireland in the 12th century.

  2. That map is such a unique resource and will be a timesaver for future visits to the cemetery.


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